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Fri 30-Jan-2015 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments | Map

A Walk in the Desert

A Walk in the Desert

The fog in the morning was so dense that you couldn’t see beyond the edges of our campsite.  So we waited until it lifted around lunchtime to start our hike.

Across the desert a little more than a 1/2 mile from the van is a rocky hill about 60 –  70 feet high.  We set as our goal to walk over and climb.  As usual, between the van and the hill looks to be flat, cactus covered rocks and sand  — easy going.  But we will not be fooled.  Between the road and our goal are actually many washes with steep sides.  It was a fun walk and the rocky hill was fairly easy to climb once the right route was determined.  In the washes we could smell and see that the desert bighorn sheep spent time there, but never actually saw one.

After we returned to the van, David spent some time with his quadcopter trying to get pictures of the cacti from above.  The evening turned cold as soon as the sun set.