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Welcome to the photo blog for David and Janet Elmore. You can find pages full of photos from our trips with Vanessa or Savanna (our van-based RV) and pages that are a record of events with lots of photos. Many of our travel photos are connected to a map at the bottom of our posts so you can see where we went and can look for photos at specific places.

Below is a list of recent posts.

David and Janet

Janet’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Fri 16-Jul-2021 Tech | 0 comments

All pizzas start with 8 oz of dough made from Antimo Caputo “00” Pizzeria Flour. Most pizzas have shredded Mozzarella and/or Provolone cheese (M&P).  Some ingredients including meat are...

Bozeman MT to Ferguson Falls MN

Tue 15-Jun-2021 Minnesota, Travel | 0 comments

The weather was a bit cooler today, but still a strong wind from the south west that made driving difficult. We shared the driving and stopped frequently to relax and walk, Early in the day we stopped at the...

Idaho to Bozeman MT

Sun 13-Jun-2021 Idaho, Montana, Travel | 0 comments

From our Apgar CG site we continued along Route 12 next to the river. For most of the beginning of the trip the Seaway-bitterroot wilderness was on the other side of the river and a steep hill was to the left...

Lostine to Lowell ID

Sat 12-Jun-2021 Idaho, Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

Incredible gorgeous drive today. We went up the side of one mountain, then down the other, then up another – ranging from 3500 to 5800 feet. At the Joseph Canyon overlook we learned about the Nez Perce...

NF-39 to the Wallowa Mountains

Fri 11-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

From our campsite we drove NF-39 to the Hell’s Canyon overlook. This canyon is often compared to the Grand Canyon, but there are so many differences. The Grand Canyon is so much more rugged and colorful....

Hell’s Canyon Dam hike

Thu 10-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

In the morning it was still raining, and the cold front that had brought the rain had also brought cool air and calm winds. The water was a mirror — perfect for paddle boarding if Amanda had been with us. The...

Bend to Hell’s Canyon

Wed 9-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

What a day. We left Amanda’s at 9:30 with the plan of meeting Amanda someplace in the Painted Hills on Friday. However, as we drove to Hell’s Canyon we realized that our Google maps underestimated the time it...

Smith Rock State Park

Tue 8-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

Even though we awoke to a gray, slightly rainy day, we decided to stick with our plan to drive to Smith Rock State Park hoping things would clear up so we could enjoy a hike. Smith Rock (no record of the...