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Thu 1-Jan-2015 Belize, Travel | 2 comments | Map

Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Sanctuary

Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Sanctuary

Happy New Year!

After a leisurely breakfast which included muffins from Caitlin’s bakery, Andrew, David and Janet headed off to the Cockscomb Basin Sanctuary.  Jen, and our grandchildren planned to go up into Hopkins to visit with friends from last week.

The sanctuary is just 20 miles away, but it took more than an hour to get there because of the bad roads.  Lots of mud and potholes.

At the sanctuary we first visited in the Mayan Women’s Cooperative craft shop.  They had a wide selection of all the crafts we have been seeing along the road or beach (brought by vendors carrying backpacks).  We then paid our fee and drove the 4–5 (rough) miles to the sanctuary.  There we found a nice museum, then took a great walk to a waterfall.  David and Andrew continued up the hill for a view of the mountains and valley while I communed with the hummingbirds.

After walking back to the center we took one more hike into the jungle to see an airplane crash.  It happened in a thunderstorm in the 1980s.  It was interesting to see the ferns and mosses growing on the fiberglass and metal of the plane.