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Thu 22-Jan-2015 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Catalina State Park: Day 1

Catalina State Park: Day 1

Our morning was spent at Mercedes Benz of Tucson getting our 40000 mile service.  It took about 3.5 hours, but as we headed out to Catalina State Park (CSP) our check-engine-soon light came on, so we returned to the dealer.  They found that a sensor on the air filter had been knocked off when it was changed.  All is well now.

We settled in at CSP — a shrubby field at  the base of the Santa Catalina mountains.  It’s full, but quiet.  After lunch and a brief nap, we headed out on the canyon loop trail for a 4.4 mile walk.  The saguaro in this area are numerous and mostly healthy.  What I enjoyed most were tthe birds we saw and heard — tanagers, wrens, hawks, doves, owls, and jays.  There is water flowing in the valley so the birds are here.

It turned very cold (28–degrees overnight), so we cooked and ate our dinner inside.