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Gatineau PP to Quebec City

Mon 29-Jul-2019 Events | 0 comments

Nice day. We left Gatineau PP and headed east. First stop was a Best Buy to get a new disc drive. Long story why we needed that. There was a grocery in the same area,... more

Colonial Williamsburg

Wed 13-Mar-2019 Events | 0 comments

Janet had never seen Colonial Williamsburg before and it had been years before for David. We spent the better part of a day walking the streets and touring some of the... more

Fresh rock

Tue 26-Feb-2019 Events | 0 comments

After a freezing night we had two loads of rock spread on our road to the old barn at about 2 inches deep. Then I used the blade on the tractor to smooth it out and... more

Christmas 2017

Mon 25-Dec-2017 Events | 0 comments

We took lots of photos of family and friends on the days just after Christmas. Contact us with the file name DE1712… if you want a full resolution jpg copy of any... more

Christmas 2016

Sat 24-Dec-2016 Events | 0 comments

We were fortunate to have all our family home for Christmas and Janet’s sister, Flavia living just down the road.  The only nights we were all in West Lafayette... more