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Plans Change

Wed 22-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

The plan: Get up in the morning and head to El Paso. With all the unsettled weather across the country, the one place that looked to have warmer and, perhaps calmer,... more

Roper Lake State Park

Tue 21-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

We left KOFA, stopped in Quartzite to take on water and dump. Unfortunately the dump at the RV Pitstop didn’t have a working dump so we continued on — interstate 10... more

KOFA Queen Canyon III

Mon 20-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

Yet another day in KOFA Wildlife Refuge. Fewer dune buggies heading up the road, but three different bikers. A Canadian gentleman on his pedal-assist electric bike... more

KOFA Queen Canyon Road II

Sun 19-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

We spent a quiet day parked near the Queen Canyon Road. We did a little housekeeping, had showers, and walked around in the desert so David could take yet more... more

KOFA Queen Canyon Road

Sat 18-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

We moved about 25 miles to another site off a four-wheel drive track. We moved because we like to see new desert and because we have good ATT service here. It truly is... more

Castle Dome Road

Fri 17-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

David spent a while in the AM catching up on news articles.  We may not have ATT service when we travel further into the refuge. We left our site on the road to the... more

Horse Tanks

Thu 16-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

We are in the KOFA Wildlife Refuge parked off an unnamed four-wheel drive road which leads from King Road to some “horse tanks.” The road can be transverse by most any... more

KOFA Wildlife Refuge

Wed 15-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

The KOFA Wildlife Refuge is about 40 miles north of Yuma. It is a huge area of mountains and desert filled with cacti. There are dirt roads that crisscross the area... more

Marine Corp Air Station Yuma

Tue 14-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

Dave, one of David’s former PhD students, works at Marine Corp Air Station Yuma (MCAS) as a data analyst . He was able to take us on a tour of his office space and the... more