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Tue 25-Jun-2024 Idaho, Montana, Travel, Washington | | Map

Maryhill SP to Beavertail Hill SP

We drove from one Washington SP to one in Montana.  David had made reservations at each of these parks thinking he wanted to an electric hook-up so we could use our air conditioner given that the days were in the 9os — wow is the sun hot.  However, it cooled enough at night at Maryhill so that we managed well with just a fan and open windows.
We left Maryhill SP in the morning and headed east and north on 14.  This route follows the Columbia River and gives great views of fruit orchards and windmills along the ridge one both the Washington and Oregon side.  The entire route was basically 14 to 395 to I90 with a few jogs  along the way.  The hillsides are mostly grassy, rolling hills with a quite a few  irrigated orchards or grapevines.
We crossed the Columbia at Kennewick and the orchards soon gave way to  winter wheat being harvested and some hay has been cut but not baled.  Alfalfa and potatoes grew where irrigation was available.
The old section of Spokane was a surprise with so many massive brick building.  Soon after Spokane we crossed into Idaho and the scenery changed almost immediately.  Instead of grassy and rocky hill sides, we soon climbed into tree covered mountains.  For most of the time I-90 paralleled the  Clark Fork River.
We didn’t reach our campsite until 7:00, partly because of the time change and partly because we had tried to do too much today.  Beaver  tail Hill SP is very small, but our site is quite large and right on the river.  After dinner we walked the one-mike gravel  loop around the perimeter of the campground.  
It appears that it was unnecessary to book electric campsites.  It is cooling down again tonight.  Our fan pulls in the cool air making it most comfortable.
Just as we arrived at our site we heard some alarming news from Amanda.  Just 4 miles from their house, 250 acres of forest were burning.  Fortunately the wind is blowing away from them and helicopters and planes are dropping water and retardant on the fire.  We look forward to being  updated.  Part of me is glad we aren’t there, but the other part wishes we were there to help if they need to evacuated.