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Belize Dec 2014 — Jan 2015

Christmas in Belize with our four children, two children spouses, and four grandchildren! Janet and David left Indiana in Vanessa December 12, drove to Dallas, Texas, flew to Belize on December 17, and flew back to Dallas January 5. In Belize we will rent houses on the beach near Hopkins.

Belize to Dallas Mon 5-Jan-2015

Today was a travel day.  We had planned to leave the rental by 9:00 so we could stop for a hike in a national park (Janet and  David) and visit the Belize Zoo (Andrew and family).  Of course, we didn't get off as early as pla...more

Last Day on Sittee River Sun 4-Jan-2015

Our last day in Hopkins and the best swimming day yet.  The waves kept rolling in, breaking on the shallow sandbar allowing our grandchildren to body surf.  I love watching them in the water. We started to pack for the trip home ...more

Placencia Sat 3-Jan-2015

We took the hour trip down the coast to Placencia today.  The road is paved so we expected a smoothish drive, but there were close to 50 speed bumps or pedestrian crossings to pass over.  Anything but smooth. Placencia was full o...more

Serpon Sugar Mill Fri 2-Jan-2015

Multiple activities today. After a morning of swimming and relaxing, Andrew, Jen, and GME went off fishing on a boat with a guide.  They had a great afternoon even though they didn't catch any fish large enough to keep. David, Janet,...more

Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Sanctuary Thu 1-Jan-2015

Happy New Year! After a leisurely breakfast which included muffins from Caitlin's bakery, Andrew, David and Janet headed off to the Cockscomb Basin Sanctuary.  Jen, and our grandchildren planned to go up into Hopkins to visit with fri...more

Unsettled Weather Wed 31-Dec-2014

The day dawned with lots of winds and rain on the horizon.   The storm that passed through at 11:00 was violent and full of rain.  Andrew and GME had to cancel their fishing trip.  The rest of the afternoon the wind blew...more

Lazy Day on Sittee Point Tue 30-Dec-2014

At breakfast Andrew and I thought we would have our cup of coffee on the porch overlooking the water.  Mistake:  Tiny little black flies attacked.  They are the size of a grain of pepper, but made it impossible to enjoy the p...more

Leaving and Hopkins Rental Number 2 Mon 29-Dec-2014

Today Amanda, Emily, and Steven and family headed home while the rest of us packed up and moved further south to our new rental. We had been told that the new rental would be available any time after 9:00.  Since Juanita wanted us to ...more

Cave Trip Sun 28-Dec-2014

Amanda, Emily, Steven and Andrew with all the grandkids chose to drive up to near Belmopan for a cave-tubing adventure.  They loved it as they spent time exploring the caves and swimming through them.  The tour guide even included...more

Snorkeling and a Birthday Sat 27-Dec-2014

At 7:30 we headed down the road to meet our captain for a snorkeling trip.  There was quite a  bit of wind and waves, but our captain promised things would calm in time. The trip out to the reef — about 40 minutes &mda...more

Boxing Day Fri 26-Dec-2014

The day after Christmas was very hot and calm. After a late night which seemed to have included lots of alcohol, the village awoke very slowly.  Grouper came to see Andrew and explained that he didn't feel up to going out fishing. ...more

Hopkins to Belize City and Back Wed 24-Dec-2014

David and I headed back to Belize City today to get Amanda who was coming in on the 4:00 flight.  Having driven from Belize City to Hopkins in the dark on Sunday, no one in the rest of the family was interested in providing taxi s...more

Mayflower Bocawina National Park Tue 23-Dec-2014

We decided that today was a hiking and climbing day.  The Mayflower Bocawina NP is just a few miles north of Hopkins on the Southern Parkway. The drive in is through citrus groves and fallow land studded with coconut palms and banana ...more

Hopkins Beach Mon 22-Dec-2014

Today was a beach day.  The beach here is absolutely beautiful.  Coconut palms provide shade right to the water and Seagulls cottages provides a shelter with hammocks and Adirondak style chairs to relax in.  The grandkids fou...more

Belize City to Hopkins Sun 21-Dec-2014

We said goodbye to Pauline and Shaneika at Villa Boscardi and headed south to Hopkins.  Hopkins is a smallish village right on the coast where we have rented 2 houses for our family of 12 — 6 bedrooms. The drive down the Western...more

Crooked Tree Bird Sanctuary Sat 20-Dec-2014

After a leisurely breakfast of eggs, pancakes and fruit and some fun conversation with a fellow guest from California, we headed north again to a bird sanctuary we had read about.  It was that or the zoo, and I always have mixed f...more

Community Baboon Sanctuary Fri 19-Dec-2014

Our trip to the Community Baboon Sanctuary was a real treat.  I, Janet, had a few reservations as our hostesses at breakfast had spoken of how the handlers at the sanctuary made the baboons do lots of tricks.  I was interested in ...more

Altun Ha Thu 18-Dec-2014

After traveling into Belize City to get Belize SIM cards for our phones and stopping at the grocery store for some lunch “stuff”, we drove the Old North Highway to Altun Ha, a Mayan ruin from about 200 BC.  The road into th...more

Dallas to Belize City Wed 17-Dec-2014

Today was our travel day.  David winterized Vanessa, we tossed any perishables we hadn't eaten, and headed to Dallas Fort Worth airport.  Vanessa is parked in a secure off-site parking area: Park 'n Fly. Checking in, boarding, an...more

Lewisville Lake Park Campground Tue 16-Dec-2014

Today we drove for a couple of hours to a lake just north of Dallas.  The campground is pleasant enough and the price is right at $8.00 per night.  It's just a half-hour drive to the airport for our flight to Belize. We spend the...more

Martin Creek Lake State Park Mon 15-Dec-2014

Today was a perfect day.  It started with a light rain, but soon the skies cleared and the sun shone. We stopped mid-afternoon at a Texas state park.  It was amazing.  Lots of gum trees, pine, and oak trees.  A large re...more

Poverty Point State Park Sun 14-Dec-2014

We spent the day driving along I-20 through Mississippi and into Louisiana.  It's a lovely ride through lots of pine forest. We stopped at a great Louisiana State Park at the Poverty Point State Reservoir.  Lots of coots, Harlequ...more

Tannehill State Historical Park Sat 13-Dec-2014

Our day started at the Walmart near Nashville.  We had done some shopping there the night before, but found that one item was defective so I went inside to exchange it.  The scene inside the Walmart was at first rather intimidatin...more

West Lafayette to Nashville, TN Fri 12-Dec-2014

We left home about 10:00 and spent some time picking up last minute prescriptions and groceries. We drove until about 5:00, spending the night south of Nashville in a Walmart parking lot.  Our goal had been to make it south, where...more

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