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Sat 3-Jan-2015 Belize, Travel | 0 comments | Map



We took the hour trip down the coast to Placencia today.  The road is paved so we expected a smoothish drive, but there were close to 50 speed bumps or pedestrian crossings to pass over.  Anything but smooth.

Placencia was full of expats and tourists — very unlike Hopkins.  But the beaches were outstanding.  our grandchildren were excited to find themselves swimming with a dolphin in the bay. 

We enjoyed a mid-morning snack and and late lunch at two different restaurants right on the beach.  My conch fritter was outstanding as was the fried fish.

The kids especially enjoyed the water and beach and our gelato at Tutti Frutti.

We returned home to Hopkins for a late swim in a much rougher sea.  Since we had eaten so much, dinner was snacks and leftovers.