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Wyoming June-July 2013

We scheduled this trip to attend a Sportsmobile meeting in Jackson Hole and to visit this wonderful photogenic area that we have enjoyed so much in the past.  After two days meeting with Sportsmobile owners at the Gros Ventre Campground in Grand Teton National Park we spent two days in the wilderness then headed for Yellowstone and the Beartooth Highway.

I used HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography for all images on this trip.  My camera is a Canon 5D Mark II with an EF24-105 f/4L IS USM Canon lens. Most shots were handheld with a triple-bracketed exposure, and images were processed in a Lightroom plug-in called HDR Efex Pro 2 by Google.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Mon 1-Jul-2013

You may not have heard of this National Park in North Dakota, but it is really nice. Although it is badlands, they are pretty different from the Badlands in South Dakota. I got photos of wild horses and bison. There were lots of flowers and...more

Beartooth Highway Fri 28-Jun-2013

We left Yellowstone at the northeast exit and headed towards Montana on the Beartooth Highway.  The road reaches almost 11,000 feet elevation and most of the mountain peaks are over 12,000 feet.  We want to come back here soon for...more

Yellowstone Falls and River Thu 27-Jun-2013

Although less spectacular than Mammoth Hot Springs, this is very beautiful scenery.  To get the photo of the rainbow near the falls I had to walk down 300 steps on Uncle Tom's trail. The bison photo was taken out the van wi...more

Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs Wed 26-Jun-2013

This is the most photogenic spot in Yellowstone in my opinion.  The colors and textures are amazing.  Fortunately the sun came out on our walk just in time.  The previous night we spent in the Lewis Lake Campground and this n...more

Tetons and Taggart Lake trail Tue 25-Jun-2013

After leaving the Gros Ventre Wilderness we drove up through Jackson Hole and hiked the loop trail up to Taggart Lake.  We saw Bighorn sheep on a hill along the road along the drive out of GV, then on the hike we got a close view of an...more

Gros Ventre Wilderness II Mon 24-Jun-2013

On one of our hikes we found another great camping spot that was much more secluded.  We remembered to carry our can of bear spray when leaving camp.  It rained that night which turned the dusty dirt roads into mud. We almost got ...more

Gros Ventre Wilderness I Sun 23-Jun-2013

On Saturday we hung around the Gros Ventre Campground and watched a moose (sorry did not have my camera with me) and talked to Sportsmobile owners. Then Sunday morning we drove up the Gros Ventre road along the Gros Ventre river past the sl...more

Grand Teton National Park Fri 21-Jun-2013

We camped in the Gros Ventre (gro vant) campground at a group site for two nights along with about 10 other Sportsmobile owners, some of whom are pictured below.  We saw lots of bison, sometimes having to stop the van to let them pass....more

Route 26 east of the Tetons Thu 20-Jun-2013

On the way to the Tetons we passed some very beautiful scenery in Wyoming along route 26.  It was the perfect time to see photogenic fields full of lupin and a yellow flower we did not identify.  We spent the night in Falls Nation...more

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Wed 19-Jun-2013

We had not planned to stop here since we had been here before, but it was hard to resist when we drove right by it. We hiked the trail under the presidents and remembered where we had taken a photo of the girls about 15 years earlier. ...more

Badlands National Park Tue 18-Jun-2013

We spent the night here on our way to the Tetons.  The Sage Creek Campground where we camped (for free) was very primitive and outside the real Badlands terrain.   In the morning we walked around and got some good photos of a rive...more

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