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Benham Falls

Sun 6-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

After a late breakfast and a short walk, we all headed home from Crane Prairie Reservoir. Amanda, David, and I took a quick detour to Benham Falls – a slight... more

Desert camping

Sat 29-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

For the Memorial Day weekend we planned to camp with Amanda and Brian’s friends Kate and Dylan at a secluded spot on the Silver Lake Reservoir. Unfortunately when we... more

Wisconsin Visit

Sat 20-Jul-2019 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments

We started our trip to eastern Canada with a drive north through Wisconsin – visiting family along the way.  Our first stop was at cousin Kathleen’s... more

Canadian Maritimes Adventure

Sat 13-Jul-2019 Travel | 0 comments

For a number of years, David and I have talked about a visit to the Canadian Maritimes — New Brunswick, Nova Scoria, and Prince Edward’s Island. Today we head north and... more

Island on Sand Lake

Mon 17-Jun-2019 Ontario | 0 comments

On Saturday we headed to the Elmore family island in Ontario Canada where we had not visited since 2003.  Such a good time.  so much the same, so much... more