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Sun 11-Jan-2015 Tech | 0 comments | Map

Best popcorn recipe

1/2 cup popcorn
1.5-2 tsp saturated brine
1/8 cup warm coconut oil (infused with garlic works well)
Optional: Seasoning of choice (garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme, …)

This recipe solves two problems with homemade popcorn. When you add salt with a shaker, even fine popcorn salt, it does not go on evenly. If you add before popping, most stays in the bottom of the pot. The brine in this recipe coats every kernel evenly. The other problem is soggy popcorn. This recipe makes crispy popcorn by stirring in a large hot pot.

Make saturated brine by adding 3 tsp salt to 1/8 cup hot water in a glass and stir until most of the salt dissolves (you could heat 20 sec in a microwave). This makes enough brine for several batches – save it for later or discard. If coconut oil is solid, heat in microwave before measuring. You can try other oils but we like coconut oil best. You can also vary the amount of brine.

To pop well, popcorn needs to have a moisture content near 13.5%. New popcorn in a jar should have this moisture content. Avoid buying popcorn in a plastic bag since small holes introduced in shipping may allow the popcorn to dry out. Make sure the lid is tight during storage.

Combine the popcorn, oil, and brine in your largest pot (at least 3-quart) and immediately place on the stove at the highest heat setting.  Have a lid ready but don’t use it yet.  Shake and swirl the pot a few times after the brine starts boiling. Hold a lid an inch over the top of the pot after the corn starts to pop, allowing steam to escape. Turn off the heat and remove the lid as soon as the corn stops popping, then stir with large spoon while pot is still hot (about 5 minutes) on the stove to dry the popcorn. If you stop stirring too soon it may burn.  Only then add seasoning, if desired, and continue stirring. Leave popcorn in the pot and scoop out with a bowl to serve. Popcorn is most crispy after it has had a chance to cool.  If it is not crispy, next time stir on low heat for a while after it stops popping.  Makes 2-4 servings.

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