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Tue 27-Jan-2015 California, Travel | 0 comments | Map

South Mesa: Imperial Dam LTVA, CA

South Mesa: Imperial Dam LTVA, CA

Our morning started with a drive through the cauliflower and cabbage fields:  Harvesting must have started before dawn.  We were returning to Yuma to find a laundry and pick up some fresh vegetables.

The 8E Laundry was great:  used cards instead of coins, was clean, all machines worked, plenty of space to sort and fold, reasonably priced. 

After laundry and shopping we headed north on US95 to the Imperial Dam Long Term Visitors Area (LTVA).  After turning west on the Imperial Dam Road we crossed through the Yuma proving ground.  We would learn later that we would here explosions from the proving ground all day long and into the night.  Not annoying, but present.

The LTVA we selected was at South Mesa.  As the name suggests, the camping area is on a huge mesa.  There are probably 100 RVs scattered around the mesa.  We found a nice spot right on the edge of the mesa with a view of the desert and mountains.  Just before dinner two burros wanted up the mesa and grazed a bit.  It is not clear what they are finding to eat.  While there are mesquite and palo verde in the washes, in the rocky areas there are just a few dried stems.

Our sunset was fabulous.