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Wed 21-Jan-2015 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Saguaro National Park

On the way out of Chiricahua National Monument we stopped at the Faraway Ranch.  This ranch was originally built by a Swedish family in the late 1800s and later was run by they same family as a place for visitors to hike and ride.  So remote, but in such a lovely location in the valley.

After a stop in Willcox, we made a beeline for the Tucson area where we took a drive and walk through the Saguaro National Park.  It was disappointing to see how the saguaro cacti have declined since the park was set aside.  Unfortunately, climate change (more frequent winter freezes) may be responsible for some of the decline.  On the other hand, it was good to see how the cacti are recovering now that cattle grazing has  been forbidden — there are quite a few young cacti starting at the base of palo verdi and mesquite (“nurse trees”).

Our night was spent at the Mercedes Benz dealership since our appointment is at 7:00 on Thursday morning.