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B&B photos from slides

My parents, William (“Bill”) Cronk Elmore and Barbara Page Elmore, took over 10,000 slides over the years 1939 to 1997. Most were by my father but my mother had her own camera towards the end of this period. Most of the slides are Kodachrome by Eastman Kodak Company.

Janet and I have picked out over 1000 of of the best photos, then digitized, edited, and added captions. Dates, places, and names on slides may have errors; please send us corrections. We did the best we could with old, faded dates and Barbara’s handwriting. We have ordered the slides by our best knowledge of the year; within years slides may be a bit jumbled because of the order that Barbara and Bill placed them in reels.

You can scroll down through all the images on this one page. If you are looking for a specific person or place, you can find them using your browser’s find function (ctrl-F on a desktop or on mobile look in the menu for “Find in file”). When you click on an image you will see it larger (on a desktop anyway) and can view others as a slideshow.