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Sun 30-Jun-2024 Minnesota, Travel, Wisconsin | | Map

Long Lake

As we prepared to leave Hay Lake Saturday morning, I realized this is the first time I have ever left a campsite without ever leaving the van. When we had first arrived, I had climbed out of the van to gather payment information, but after finding the mosquitoes truly ferocious never left again.

We left Hay Lake for the 4-hour drive to Long Lake (WI). Steven and Sarah have a cabin on this lake which is just 4 hours from their home in Madison. Actually they have two cabins, one built in the 49s and one they are just finishing. Finishing the new cabin has been delayed because of COVID and the supply chain issues associated with the pandemic. They are finally putting the finishing touches on it.

The new cabin will give them more space for quests as well as a winter cabin as their base for skiing and snowshoeing. It has 8-inch insulated walls , 2-feet of insulation in the roof, and triple-pane windows. Radiant heating in the floor and a wood fired stove provide heat. Gorgeous lake and forest views. We will help them with projects, in particular , David will help Steven install the railing on the loft in the new cabin, and then head toward home on Monday.