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Wood-fired oven plans

Sun 3-Nov-2019 Tech | 0 comments

Janet and I are in planning stages to build a wood-fired oven in the spring.  We plan to use it for cooking pretty much everything but mostly pizza and... more

Christmas 2017

Mon 25-Dec-2017 Events | 0 comments

We took lots of photos of family and friends on the days just after Christmas. Contact us with the file name DE1712… if you want a full resolution jpg copy of any... more


Wed 13-Dec-2017 Tech | 0 comments

Home-roasting raw or blanched nutsBy roasting your own nuts you can adjust the time, temperature, and amount of salt to satisfy your own taste. You can make mixtures... more

Palm Canyon Day 1

Wed 15-Feb-2017 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments

Palm Canyon is one of our favorite desert locations.  It is 7 miles down a side road (dirt) from Route 95, north of Yuma.  Dispersed camping is permitted off the road.... more

WiFi repeater

Tue 25-Aug-2015 Tech | 68 comments

When camping near to a hotspot, we like to avoid using our shared cellular data, especially when uploading lots of photos to this blog, upgrading software, or streaming... more

Best popcorn recipe

Sun 11-Jan-2015 Tech | 0 comments

Ingredients: 1/2 cup popcorn 1.5-2 tsp saturated brine 1/8 cup warm coconut oil (infused with garlic works well) Optional: Seasoning of choice (garlic, basil, rosemary,... more

Nextgen Gallery Geo fixes

Wed 17-Sep-2014 Tech | 5 comments

When I changed to the Lucid theme, I wanted to place maps on the bottom of each post showing where the photos were taken. I looked over the available plugins and chose... more