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Thu 2-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel | | Map

Kartchner Caverns I

Kartchner Caverns I

It was cold overnight. Our heater kept us toasty and we assume our next door neighbor was also as we could hear his propane furnace all night. It is amazing that such a low rumble could be heard inside our closed van.

it was just 30-degrees when we woke this morning. But after breakfast and some time reading we went for a quick walk to the Nature Center. The cactus gardens out front are beautiful and varied.

After returning to our van we heard from friends Christine and Udo who were join in us for dinner that they would arrive about 4, so we had lots of time for a hike.

We took the Foothills Trail, about 2.5 miles. The trail has about 240 feet of elevation change but mostly circles two hills. The views at the upper elevation are spectacular. Along the route there was one side trip to a grinding stone used by an earlier people to prepare grains for bread.

Soon after our return to the van, Udo and Christine arrived so we sat outside and talked for a while, then moved into the van for dinner. They are staying in Benson, but will be joining us the next four days for a number of adventures.