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Mon 13-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel | | Map

County Road 15 1/2

County Road 15 1/2

We drove from Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument to Yuma for a visit with our friends David and Jennifer. The ride was uneventful. Once again we remarked on the quaint beauty of Ajo, but did not stop. There was light rain until Yuma — puddles in some of the fields. We had a bit of trouble finding their home as google maps didn’t seem to know where it was. The road name is a bit odd — Jennifer says she sometimes can’t order on line as the address is rejected.

David and Jennifer live in a country setting to the south of Yuma. He works at the Marine Air Base just 3 miles away. For the time being they have water rights to 2-acre feet of water, so they have planted dates and citrus with more plans for the future. They have a flock of chickens who follow us around when we are in the yard. Three indoor cats complete their menagerie.

We went out to dinner at an excellent, but busy, Mexican restaurant. On return to the house Dave and David played with Dave’s telescope setup. Yuma has such clear skies that sky study is an excellent hobby.