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Mon 6-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel | | Map

Millville and Tombstone

Millville and Tombstone

Today we relaxed a bit then headed out to the Millville Trail – a short, dusty trail with views of some pictographs and remnants of a once prosperous mining town. The information signs along the way were super informative. They showed pictures of the Town of Charleston which was the bedroom town for the mines (silver) of Millville. Charleston was platted as a town with probably three times as many bars and restaurants as general stores and stables combined. Like many mining towns here, either the ore ran out or the price of the metal became so low that mining was not economical.

After Millville we headed to Tombstone which has been kept active as a tourist destination. Most of the buildings on the Main Street have been kept in good condition, and there are re-enactments of the shootout at the OK cCorral every few hours (we did not attend). The two highlights for us were a quilt show at the local artists’ cooperative and a juicy hazy beer at one of the saloons. The quilt show is an annual February event at this cooperative and the quality of the work was outstanding. The rest of the work was also high quality — particularly the leather work — a media I don’t see much in Indiana.