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Mon 20-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel | | Map

KOFA Queen Canyon III

KOFA Queen Canyon III

Yet another day in KOFA Wildlife Refuge. Fewer dune buggies heading up the road, but three different bikers. A Canadian gentleman on his pedal-assist electric bike stoped to chat as Janet was outside reading. Was interested in knowing how far it was to the mountains — she told him that the signs say 8 miles — longer than he was interested in riding.

We took an afternoon couple of mile walk in the desert. For a while we walked along a track left (illegally) by a four-wheeler. Don’t know when the track was made, but I wish people realized how long their marks stay in the desert, saw one healthy California Barrel cactus and a number of fat saguaros.

After reading the paper and looking at the weather for the next 10 days, we have made some changes to our travel plans. We are heading back east to Texas where we hope to find some warm weather. It has been so unexpectedly cool here in AZ and more is expected as we’re head west and north so we have cancelled our planned stops in Moraga CA and Bend OR. Today was the first day here that we put on shorts and a tee shirt. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, but then the real cold sets in.