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Wed 15-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel | | Map

KOFA Wildlife Refuge

KOFA Wildlife Refuge

The KOFA Wildlife Refuge is about 40 miles north of Yuma. It is a huge area of mountains and desert filled with cacti. There are dirt roads that crisscross the area that are suitable for any high clearance vehicle and others that require four-wheel drive. The name comes from the practice of the King Mining company which marked all its equipment with the letters KOFA (King of Arizona).

we have been here before in 2015 and 2017 but in two different locations — Palm Canyon and Crystal Hill. Today we are off the King Canyon Road and plan to walk to some of the water tanks tomorrow. Today we took a short walk up one of the hills near us. A fine walk up the hill, but it was steep enough with loose gravel to make the trip down a bit scary. Janet turned back before David — he made it to the top of the hill.

We are camped on a hard packed flat area just off the road. You can camp anywhere here as long as you are no more than 100 feet from the road and more than 200 feet from a water source.