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Garner SP Blinn River Trail

Tue 28-Feb-2023 Texas, Travel |

Google maps suggested two routes to Garner State Oark from Amistad NRA. For one we followed 90 and headed north through Uvalde TX. For the other we took 90, 377, 50,... more

Amistad Lake Walks

Mon 27-Feb-2023 Texas, Travel |

We found several social paths to the water’s edge. One such trail led right off our campsite (#5). The path led to a cement walkway which has been installed for... more

Governors Landing

Sun 26-Feb-2023 Texas, Travel |

We didn’t get an early start from San Pedro Campground because it was raining and foggy. Finally about 11:00 the wind picked up , the fog disappeared, and the sun came... more

Amistad NRA

Sat 25-Feb-2023 Texas, Travel |

We had planned to stay at Davis Mountain SP for another night but the forecast was for cold and 55-65 mile per hour winds. So we headed south and east through Alpine,... more

Davis Mountain State Park

Fri 24-Feb-2023 Texas, Travel |

We spent most of the morning dealing with technical problems. We took Janet’s iPad to the Apple Genius Bar. On Tuesday her iPad seemed to get stuck doing an IOS update.... more

Plans Change

Wed 22-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

The plan: Get up in the morning and head to El Paso. With all the unsettled weather across the country, the one place that looked to have warmer and, perhaps calmer,... more

Roper Lake State Park

Tue 21-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

We left KOFA, stopped in Quartzite to take on water and dump. Unfortunately the dump at the RV Pitstop didn’t have a working dump so we continued on — interstate 10... more

KOFA Queen Canyon III

Mon 20-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

Yet another day in KOFA Wildlife Refuge. Fewer dune buggies heading up the road, but three different bikers. A Canadian gentleman on his pedal-assist electric bike... more

KOFA Queen Canyon Road II

Sun 19-Feb-2023 Arizona, Travel |

We spent a quiet day parked near the Queen Canyon Road. We did a little housekeeping, had showers, and walked around in the desert so David could take yet more... more