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Mon 16-Feb-2015 Arizona, California, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Driving East

Driving East

We left San Diego and headed east.  We are actually on the way home, but have a long way to go and a couple of planned stops to make on the way.

The scenery certainly was varied as we traveled east from San Diego on I-8.  Out of San Diego we had a great view of El Cajun as the road climbed into the surrounding mountains.  The rock formations in the area were reminiscent of those around Joshua Tree NP.  After crossing through the mountains at 4000 feet, we quickly dropped to 1000 feet and then more slowly, until by the time we reached El Centro we were below sea level.  In the valley there were plenty of farms and animal feeding operations and even one flock of sheep.  Approaching Yuma the land became more arid again with an area of sand dunes.  Lots of ATVs out enjoying themselves.  Near Yuma the agriculture picked up again.  About 90 miles after Yuma we began to see Saguaro cacti again.

We stopped for the night in Picacho Peak State Park.  A lovely place in the middle of the desert right off I-8.  The climb up to the peak looks to be a goog one, but we are going to skip it this time and keep heading east.



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