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Fri 6-Feb-2015 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Sonoran Desert Museum

Sonoran Desert Museum

The Sonoran Desert Museum is an attraction we have seen on previous visits to Tucson, but it is certainly worth seeing again and again.  The displays are so well-done.  The desert loop really does feel like the deserts we have been walking through except that the plants are more closely packed since they are provided with more water.  The hummingbird house is amazing.  So many different varieties flitting around.  I found just one nesting.  The last  time we were here there were many doing do, but it was later in the spring — perhaps that’s the difference.

One of the best thing about the museum was being able to see the mammels that we have not seen much out in the wild. We see their footprints and scat, but the animals themselves (sheep, coati, deer) have mostly been in hiding. We have seen quite a few birds, even the Harris Hawk, but never as close-up and personal as we saw them during a Raptors Free-Fly demonstration today. The birds flew within a few feet of our heads.

When we returned to our campsite and were cooking dinner, a couple walked by who we had met in Grayson Beach SP in Florida two years ago.  I guess it is a small world of snow escapees.