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Wed 11-Feb-2015 California, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Desert Driving

Desert Driving

Today was a driving day.  We have decided to visit Amanda at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA for the weekend so we had a lot of distance to cover.  We headed north along Roosevelt Lake, which became dry, then headed south west to Phoenix.  From Phoenix we went west through the Sonoran Desert, entered the Mojave Desert, and by the time we got to Joshua Tree National Park were in the lower tip of the Colorado.  The rocks and changing plants (Saguara cacti were replaced by Mojave yucca) made for an interesting, but only occasionally spectacular, view.

We had some difficulty finding a site at Joshua Tree NP, not because there were so few sites, but because there were no level sites and are all very close together.  It was a matter of finding the most level and working with it.  Since it was almost sunset, we took a short walk to some nearby rocks, ate dinner, and went to bed.