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Fri 13-Feb-2015 California, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Cuyamaca Rancho SP

Cuyamaca Rancho SP

What a great day.  We started with a hike to Stonewall Peak in the Cuyamaca Rancho SP (4 miles round trip).  It was an easy hike with lots of switchbacks and only about 900 feet of elevation change to the most amazing view!  The rocky top gives you a 360–degree view of the surrounding area.  Through a break in the mountains you can see to the suburbs of San Diego.  We loved this hike.

Next we headed toward San Diego, making stops at a grocery store and Walmart.  We needed food and a new Thermarest since we believe Amanda will be staying on our floor tomorrow night.  We found our campsite at the Sweetwater Summit County Park just north of the Olympic Training Center (OTC).  Our partial hookup area is an equestrian unit so we have horses for neighbors — which is fun.  There are also trees, some pine but mostly eucalyptus.  The sites are close together, but quiet and the trees make them feel more private.

At 6:00 we went over to the OTC to find Amanda.  While we waited for her, we watched some young people training on a BMX track.  What confidence and skill.  I would be terrified to be going airborne like that — actually, I guess it would be the landing that I would find terrifying.

Finally we got to see Amanda.  She looks great, but professes to  be tired and constantly hungry — 3–4 practices or workouts a day  will do that to you.  After a bunch of indecision we finally settled on a pizza dinner — great choice.  We returned her to her dorm by 9:00 as she has early practice in the morning.