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Cabot Trail

Sat 31-Aug-2019 Nova Scotia, Travel |

It took us seven hours to drive what should have been a less than 2 hour trip on the Cabot trail.  We were moving from the Cheticamp campground on the west... more

Salmon Pools Trail

Thu 29-Aug-2019 Nova Scotia, Travel |

The Salmon Pools Trail is an in-and-out trail that parallels the Cheticamp River. On the way in you are walking upstream in the river valley between two 400-foot... more

Skyline Walking Trail

Wed 28-Aug-2019 Nova Scotia, Travel |

The day dawned a bit gray, but soon turned sunny with blue skies.  After putting everything away, as we are moving to a new site later, we headed up the Cabot... more

Rainy Cheticamp Day

Tue 27-Aug-2019 Nova Scotia, Travel |

Our first totally rainy day of the trip. Not just rain to make it miserable outside — also 55-degrees and high winds.  Good day for reading. We plugged into the site... more

Homestead Trail

Fri 23-Aug-2019 Prince Edward Island, Travel |

We started the morning by driving a few miles to the commercial area of Cavendish. We have run out of Canadian cash and sought an ATM. While there we also stopped at... more

North Cape PEI

Thu 22-Aug-2019 Prince Edward Island, Travel |

North Cape is the most northerly and westerly Point on Prince Edward Island. The Bay of St Lawrence is on its right side and the Northumberland Strait is on its left.... more