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Wed 7-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | | Map

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks

Today we walked nearly 3-miles along one of the most well-known beaches in New Brunswick – Hopewell Rocks along the Shepody Bay. The high tides that push into this bay from the Bay of Fundy have eroded the sandstone conglomerate leaving caves and towers which we could walk among at low tide. Some of the towers are reminiscent of the “hoodoos” at Bryce NP.

We were not alone as we walked down the stairs to the beach and among the formations. On average 3 to 4 thousand people come daily to walk the beach during the “high” season — mid-June through mid-September. In fact, this past Monday, on New Brunswick day, the park did not collect it’s usual fee and 7452 people visited. Today the senior citizen rate was $8.00.

The beach is covered with small rocks and mud. Near the cliff walls the mud is just 1/2 inch on the surface, but as one goes closer to the water there are places it is very deep. We enjoyed watching some young boys, probably 5 or 6, slogging around in the mud, nearly up to their knees.

We left before the tide really began to turn, but kayaks are available for rent if one wants to paddle among the formations. When the tide is in, the water is 6-8 feet deep and reaches all the way to the cliffs. Beach access is permitted for the 3.5 hours before and after low tide – which was at 11:59 today. Just before the end of the safe time, “tide sweepers” (Provincial Park rangers) come along the beach warning people to get off.

We left the beach at North Beach where there is a ramp up to the top rather than climbing the 101 steps we had descended.

On our way back to Chignecto CG we once again took the road to Cape Enrage so that David could send his drone up. We sent it up once at the pebble beach at waterside on the way to Cape Enrage and again at the intersection of the Cape Enrage Road and NB114.

In town we stopped at the Alma Lobster Market for a lovely piece of haddock and some hot-smoked salmon. Both were delicious, the former we grilled and the latter we enjoyed as an appetizer with crackers and cream cheese. Life is good.