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Thu 29-Aug-2019 Nova Scotia, Travel | | Map

Salmon Pools Trail

Salmon Pools Trail

The Salmon Pools Trail is an in-and-out trail that parallels the Cheticamp River. On the way in you are walking upstream in the river valley between two 400-foot mountains.

The first part of this trail is very straight and wide, almost like an ATV Trail. Early on, right next to the trail information sign post, there is a social trail that leads down to the Cheticamp River. If one follows that it dead ends at a zip line that one could use to cross the river. No idea if it is still functional.

At some points you are fairly far from the main creek bed, but next to a bed that is probably running when the snow melts in the spring. After walking through a mainly birch and maple forest with some oak, we reached good views of the river and the deep pools next to rapids. There are two marked areas — First pool and Last Chance pool. After the Last Chance pool we walked a bit further, but the trail was blocked with a sign saying, “Danger Erosion.” No sign of salmon on this August walk, but amazing views of the water and the polished granite in the stream bed.

One interesting sight along the ways was a log cabin. It was unlocked so we explored. Lovely interior with log furniture and a table full of pieces of paper with notes from hikers who had passed by. We learned later that the cabin is an emergency shelter for hikers and fishermen when the weather turns bad.

We ended up walking 6.5 miles including the half-mile between our campsite in Cheticamp Campground and the trailhead. Just 300 feet of easy elevation change, so all in all an easy hike.

As we returned to the van, the sky began to turn gray and the winds really picked up. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy — tropical storm Erin. Dinner was haddock, Brussels sprouts, and salad.