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Thu 1-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel | | Map

Coppermine Trail

Coppermine Trail

Our hike today was a loop — the Coppermine trail — 3.4 miles — 600 feet ascent. The trail shares the forest with the Goose River Trail until it heads off to the right. Those parts have been rebuilt and have bridges over the stream gorges. After a while we were on our own at these crossings.

Eventually the trail does take one to a coppermine evidenced by the tailings along the way. We did not make the final climb to the mine as it was up a very steep hill. Climbing is no problem — it’s the trip down that I find hard.

After the mine, the trail headed down steeply until we intersected with the Goose River Trail which is easy to walk.

The woods we were hiking through were unlike any we have ever walked through — dense spruce with a few birches. In many places spruce are so tightly packed that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to bushwack.

Returned to the van for a pork, green bean, and salad dinner. David purchased some wood so he could grill. Turned cool today — such a pleasant change.