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Fri 16-Aug-2019 Prince Edward Island, Travel | | Map

Farmlands/Bubbling Springs Trail

Farmlands/Bubbling Springs Trail

Quiet day. Janet spent the morning reading, Susan Wiggs’ new Book, and David worked on catching up on editing pictures.

Then we took a short drive to the trailhead for a double loop trail — Farmlands and Bubbling Brook. The two looks add up to 3-miles, taking us past a cemetery dating to the 1850s, a couple of fresh water ponds, a foundation from an old home smite, and an area of new growth white spruce in an area that had been farmed in the 1800s.

The forest area here is mostly red spruce, birch, maple, and pine — an Acadian forest, but all new growth. Not terribly healthy looking, but pleasant to walk through. Two interesting wildflowers were Blue ball lily and White wood aster.

We purchased wood on the way back — $6.80 for whatever you could put in a burlap bag they supplied — so David could grill hamburger and bacon and cauliflower for dinner.