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Thu 26-Feb-2015 Texas, Travel | 0 comments | Map

South Llano River SP

South Llano River SP

It was very cold in the morning (34 degrees) but it soon warmed up. With the temperature at 54 degrees and the sun shining we set off on a loop walk through the park.  The trail took us down by the river then along the east edge of the park.  From there we joined the Fawn Trail for a hike over a ridge then down to our campground.  The park is full of oak and juniper.  It was once a working ranch, so much of the trail was an old 4–wheel drive track for accessing the fences and windmill.  It was a pleasant hike except that the wind picked up and the temperature dropped to 38 degrees by the time we returned to the van.  We were definitely ready for our heat to be on full blast.

Along the walk are two bird blinds.  The small houses have seats, bird identification books, and binoculars for viewers.  Outside is an enclosed area with native trees, a water source, and seed bags for the birds.  Lots of sparrows and cardinals, but also a number of black headed grosbeaks. 

Back at our site we saw a number of deer grazing near our van.  The deer here are a variety which is much grayer and smaller than our Indiana white tails. 



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