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Sat 7-Jun-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Ketchikan to Wrangell

Ketchikan to Wrangell

Today was one of Ketchikan’s rainy days – a heavy fine rain all day. The locals were hoping for more. The beautiful days we had been experiencing meant that many of those living outside the city were running out of water. They depend upon the rain collected from their roofs for water, and there just hasn’t been enough of it. Our ferry was at 2:30 and the entire 5.5 hour trip was through a grey, misty world, although the rain had pretty much stopped. We passed the time by reading and visiting with our friends Rick, Alex, and Lake who happened to be on the same ferry, but were going on to Juneau. We chose a ferry dinner of salad (Janet) and Rockfish with potatoes and broccoli (David). Arrival in Wrangell was a little ahead of schedule; we spent the night in the harbor parking lot. Unfortunately, the next two days are supposed to be rainy and grey.



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