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Sun 15-Jun-2014 Alaska, Travel | 2 comments | Map

South Mitkof Island

South Mitkof Island

The adage “Rain before seven, clear by eleven” was appropriate for today. We ended up with a beautiful day in which we scouted out a new beachside campsite (Wilson Creek Area Campground), hiked a 1.5 mile planked and netted loop, and met some new Sprinter owners from Quebec.

Today was the beginning of the commercial Dungeness Crab season. Just before noon, dozens of fishing boats were sitting in the water of the bay in front of our campsite. Exactly at noon, they began dropping the cages into the water. By afternoon, the bay was dotted with floating buoys. Around six the boats started returning to pull the traps. I watched one operation through my binoculars – they kept 5 crabs and threw back two. A local who stopped by stated that the most crabs are caught in the first two days of the season with the yield falling off from there.

We heard one sad piece of news today. The reason there was no logging on Friday was that one of the snuggers had been killed on Thursday afternoon. It seems the top of a tree was dead and the wind from the helicopter caused it to fall on him. They didn’t log on Saturday either because of the heavy rain, but were back to work this morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day before they move on to a new location.

After hassling with getting green and wet wood to burn, we had a dinner of halibut, green beans with peppers and onions, and salad.

Wilson Creek Area Campground Review: Located on an unmarked road at about mile marker 26 on the Mitkof highway this campground is no more than a large, flat gravel area a few feet above high water level with a picnic table, two fire rings, and a pit toilet. There is room for 4-5 RVs; the night we were there two 23-footers stayed. The view of the bay is phenomenal. Internet via cellphone is weakly available from Wrangell.