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Mon 30-Jun-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Anchorage II

Anchorage II

Today was a housekeeping day. Our van needed its 30K oil change. We needed stops at the post office and the grocery. Once done, we headed to the zoo to see the animals we haven’t been seeing in the wild. The zoo is small, but decent. There is still the feeling that the animals are stressed, but some seemed to be having fun – in particular two brown bears who were tussling like a couple of puppies. Most of the animals in the zoo are those who were found injured in the wild and were determined incapable of returning to the wild after their rehabilitation.

After the zoo we went for a couple mile walk in Kincaid Park – a very rural park right near the Anchorage airport. Large parts of it are used heavily by mountain bikers, but there were others walking as well.

We had hoped to find moose there, but didn’t. We did see moose, a mom and baby, later when we returned to Paul’s house after a nice dinner in town with our friend Mike. They were grazing on the hillside right next to the house so we could watch them from the living room. The baby was all legs and ears.

Tomorrow we head up to Denali.