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Fri 6-Jun-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Ketchikan Hiking

Ketchikan Hiking

Today was another sunny day so we decided it was a hiking day. We considered all of the options and decided to hike the Perseverance Lake Trail. It had the advantages that it had only 500 feet of elevation change and was about 6 miles round trip – a distance which seems to work well for us. Also, the trailhead was just a short walk from our campsite.

It was a lovely trail — rainforest, open meadows, and a lake at the end. We watched a bird dive bombing an immature eagle who had obviously raided her nest. The eagle seemed unphased by the attacking bird as he sat on a branch calmly eating his loot.

The hike was a nice ending to our stay in Ketchikan. Tomorrow we load onto a ferry and head to Wrangell.