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Sun 8-Jun-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments | Map



As promised, it was really rainy and cold. We managed a walk on the town dock during one clear moment and met an interesting gentleman who lives on his boat there all year round. He likes Alaska best after living in Montana and New York. He had tried fishing and baking but now enjoys retirement on his small wood boat. See photo.

Since it was so miserable, we decided to park at the only “RV Park” in town for the day and night. It’s not very nice, just a gravel parking lot with hookups, but they have wifi. David spent the day on his computer while I read.

Our next door neighbor who is here for the “silver season” brought David a huge Dungeness crab. (I wish I weren’t allergic to them now – I remember how good they are.) A little salmon lesson: There are five kinds of salmon: Chum, sockeye, King or Chinook, silver, and pink. Last night we had sockeye (fantastic) but the men in the house at the end of the RV park had silver; we saw them pull what looked like a 10-12 pound silver out of their truck bed, clean it, and head inside.

Maybe the weather will clear enough tomorrow for a hike, or maybe we should invest in “Alaskan Sneakers” (brown rubber boots) and accept the rain.