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Fri 27-Jun-2014 Alaska, Travel | | Map

Glenn Highway

Glenn Highway

We finished driving west on the Tok Cut-Off, met the Richardson Highway for about 10 miles, then headed west on the Glenn Highway. At Glennallen we made a stop at the medical clinic there so David, whose chest was hurting him, could be examined. They prescribed an antibiotic; if what is going on is bacterial, that should do the trick in a few days. If what he has is viral, he will be better in a few days anyway. The clinic was very pleasant and has a pharmacy right in it. The rest of Glenallen is a bit like Tok – grocery, motel, gas station, RV services, post office, … Population 454.

The Glenn Highway near Glenallen is to quote David, “As boring as Indiana.” Flat, mostly muskeg with spruce trees poking up through. Many of the spruces are dead from an infestation of beetles. Soon though, spectacular mountains came into view. As we passed the Tazlina glacier it was in the sun and looked almost surreal as it poured out of the mountain.

Since the ferry on which we had made five of our trips was named the Matanuska, it seemed appropriate that we stopped for the night at a campground at the base of the Matanuska Glacier. It looks different than any we have seen yet. It is truly a river of ice flowing from the mountain and down into the river bed for a couple of miles. It does not end at a lake or bay, but rather the melt water just flows into the Matanuska River.

Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Area Campground Review: 12 sites (suitable for units 28 feet or less) with fire ring, picnic table, and fireside bench. Pit toilets and hand-pumped water. Camping for larger units is permitted in the parking area for the glacier overlook. Fee for night is $15.