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Thu 25-Dec-2014 Belize, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Christmas in Hopkins

Christmas in Hopkins

Christmas day was both usual and unusual.

Santa brought stockings for the little ones.  We didn’t have our traditional Monkey Bread, but did have some cinnamon bread from a bakery in Belmopan.

We had thought to go out for Christmas dinner, but most of the restaurants were closed, so we found some ribs at the store and had them with various vegetables and fruit.  Andrew did a great job of cooking them.

Our local neighbors were mostly drinking and listening to loud music.  They said that Christmas is a time to party.  Our little neighbor (age 11), Kyle, came over to report that there was a “big problem.”  He was referring to the fact that Andrew and Kyle’s uncle, Grouper, were to go  our fishing in the morning.  Kyle said, “Grouper is wasted.”  As it turns out, Kyle was right.  There was no fishing trip in the morning.



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