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Sun 21-Dec-2014 Belize, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Belize City to Hopkins

Belize City to Hopkins

We said goodbye to Pauline and Shaneika at Villa Boscardi and headed south to Hopkins.  Hopkins is a smallish village right on the coast where we have rented 2 houses for our family of 12 — 6 bedrooms.

The drive down the Western Highway was uneventful.  As we passed through Belmopan (the capital) we joined the Hummingbird Highway.  The terrain changed from scrubby trees to rolling hills with palms, fields of citrus, and, possibly, pineapple.  As we neared the coast we changed to the Southern Highway until we met the gravel and clay road that took us to Hopkins.  The latter road was quite good as they are preparing it for paving.

We found our rental, Seagulls Cottages, to the south of the Hopkins road.  The rental is a bit disappointing as the pictures made it appear larger and newer.  However, it is clean, has a kitchen and 4 bathrooms, has enough beds until Amanda arrives, and is right on the ocean.  David and I took a swim and waited for the rest of the family, minus Amanda, to arrive from Dallas.

They arrived at about 8:30, ate some dinner, fooled around outside, and finally went to bed.