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Wed 31-Dec-2014 Belize, Travel | 1 comment | Map

Unsettled Weather

The day dawned with lots of winds and rain on the horizon.   The storm that passed through at 11:00 was violent and full of rain.  Andrew and GME had to cancel their fishing trip.  The rest of the afternoon the wind blew and the birds sailed around like kites.

There were a few other rain showers.  David and Janet with grandchildren did a little grocery shopping.  Andrew and Jen made plans to go out to celebrate the new year — since this was their last chance for free babysitting in the next six months.

They ended going up to the Hopkins Bay Resort where there was a Garifuna band playing and saw a few fireworks.  Back at the house, David went to bed early while Janet and grandchildren planned to stay up until midnight, but first little G, then Janet fell asleep.  big G managed to make midnight.  We are such wimps.