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Tue 30-Dec-2014 Belize, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Lazy Day on Sittee Point

Lazy Day on Sittee Point

At breakfast Andrew and I thought we would have our cup of coffee on the porch overlooking the water.  Mistake:  Tiny little black flies attacked.  They are the size of a grain of pepper, but made it impossible to enjoy the porch.  Lesson:  Do not go out on the porch until the wind exceeds 5 miles per hour.

After a morning rain, we relaxed.  We played in the sand.  Played in the water.  Talked with our neighbors.  Ate lots of beans and chips. Finished up leftovers.  Andrew made plans for a fishing trip for tomorrow.  Jen took a bike ride and did yoga on the pier.  little G swam and swam — she’s a fish.  GME took a nap because he wasn’t feeling well. David edited pictures.

In the evening we walked out on the sand to look for ghost crabs and fish in the water.