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Wed 17-Dec-2014 Belize, Texas, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Dallas to Belize City

Dallas to Belize City

Today was our travel day.  David winterized Vanessa, we tossed any perishables we hadn’t eaten, and headed to Dallas Fort Worth airport.  Vanessa is parked in a secure off-site parking area: Park ‘n Fly.

Checking in, boarding, and flight were uneventful, although I must complain about American airline’s policy of charging for EVERY checked bag.  What it means is that all overhead bins are ridiculously full and the time to load and unload the cabin is increased.

It was 80–degrees when we landed in Belize City.  It was a fairly long wait to clear customs and immigration and then it took a while to pick-up the rental car.  But finally we were on our way, down dark, unmarked roads into the city.  Fortunately, our bed and breakfast was just 10 minutes away.  Since my night vision isn’t very good, I find this kind of driving rather daunting, but David did fine.

Our B&B, Villa Boscardi, is lovely.  A walled area with flowering plants, orchids, and green grass — a contrast to the street outside. (I was reminded of India.)  Miss Pauline is our hostess along with Shanieka.  The room is a self-contained “cabana” to the rear of the main house.  It is clean and attractive — a queen sized bed, flat screen TV, private bath, and kitchenette — all with AC.

For dinner we walked two blocks to the Admiral’s Bay restaurant where we had a fine dinner of Conch Soup (Janet) and Fried Shrimp (David) with coconut rice with beans.  All was very tasty.  We laughed at our hostess there as when we said we wanted dinner, she rolled her eyes, but took our order — we were a bit past the dinner hour, but within their serving hours.  The meal was a bit slow to be served, but was hot, fresh, and tasty.