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Fri 26-Dec-2014 Belize, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas was very hot and calm. After a late night which seemed to have included lots of alcohol, the village awoke very slowly.  Grouper came to see Andrew and explained that he didn’t feel up to going out fishing.  He blamed it on his niece who had gotten him to drink too much last night!

Amanda and I walked up the beach to see if anyone had a kayak for rent, but none was to be found.  They are generally available only for the guests of the more expensive rentals and resorts.  However, we did find two fellows with a blow-up “Wave Rider” they were towing behind their fishing boat.  Amanda negotiated a deal and we were towed back to our rental and the entire family was taken for a ride.  The little ones especially enjoyed.

The rest of the morning was spent on the beach with various trips up the road to negotiate a snorkeling trip for tomorrow, a caving trip for Sunday, and find a restaurant for today’s dinner. 

After lunch we all headed south to a Mayan ruin — Nim Li Punit.  The ruin was quit beautiful — like a lovely, well-kept park.  The buildings were not as large as those at Altun Ha, but the setting was much more attractive.  When we returned from our hike through the area, we found a group of local women had gathered with crafts for sale.  A number of bracelets and the like were purchased.

We arrived at home about 6:00 — just in time for our dinner at Sunnyside Up Restaurant.  The restaurant, owned by a woman from South Africa, was very pleasant and the food was excellent.  Everyone, including the little ones, loved our dinners and the crepes with fruit we had for dessert.  The meal including lots of beer (and tip) for 12 was quite reasonable — $15 per person.  We don’t plan to eat out every night, but it was fun and good food.



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