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Sun 29-Jan-2023 Texas, Travel | | Map

Monahans to ElPaso

It’s just a 4 hour drive from Monahans to ElPaso.  little to see on the way.  Scrub trees and dry grass.  Little at the exits — mostly abandoned building.  Two notable exits — one leading to the Guadeloupe National Park.  the other to Heuco Tanks State Park.  Both are places we have stopped at in the past. 

Today we are headed to ElPaso to a Walmart on Zaragoza Rd.  very clean and good TV reception with our rabbit ears as we want to watch the AFC and NFC playoff games.  We watched the Eagles beat the 49ers and then shopped.  ate dinner while watching the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Bengals.

It was a quiet night in the parking lot.