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Sat 21-Jan-2023 Texas, Travel | | Map

Duck pond

Duck pond

The morning dawned gray  and cold which gave us plenty of time to read and listen to podcasts. After it warmed up a bit (57) and the sun came out, we went for a hike — the second one from this camping loop.  Like yesterday the trail was hard packed mud through grasses, scrub oak, and some cedar.  We walked to a pond, circled it, then looped back to the campground with a short spur to a lookout.  On the hill opposite are some houses with a great view of the lake and valley and 9 antennas (tv, cell phone, and radio) which give us great tv reception with rabbit ears for watching some playoff football.   Eagles and Chiefs won! 

While we have great internet on our cell phones, we are not getting great internet on our ATT hotspot. Not sure if we are being throttled or if there is something wrong with the hotspot.  Janet’s phone is getting 5G – perhaps the hotspot can’t handle that.