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Fri 27-Jan-2023 Texas, Travel | | Map

Seminole Canyon to Monaghans Sandhills SP

Seminole Canyon to Monaghans Sandhills SP

Another drive through dusty, sandy, scrubby land.  Some sheep.  Some cattle.  A few horses.  Little other traffic.

We were able to buy non-biodiesel in Monaghans after stopping at 4 stations.  We were surprised that biodiesel was a thing in oil rich western Texas. 

Sadly Monaghans is like a lot of western Texas towns.  Lots of abandoned homes and closed stores.  The comparison to the vibrancy of Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio is striking. 

Our campground is just a few miles out of town.  We have site 18 which along with 17 are at the end of the camping loop, nestled into sand dunes.  Very private since no one showed up for their reservation in 17.  They are in the process of building a beautiful  new office which will have an interpretive center.  For now, one check in is at a trailer near the picnic pavilion.  It was clear that the agent checking us in is very anxious to move to the new facility.

We took a short walk in the sand before dinner.  From up on the dune nearest us, we could see kids sand-sledding, animal tracks, people tracks, and various grasses and weeds sticking through  the drifting sand.  The wind blowing the grasses made interesting, mostly circular, patterns in the sand.  While cooking dinner we spied grackles, black birds, and doves — not to different from home.

Fairly good internet with our ATT hotspot.