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Fri 20-Jan-2023 Texas, Travel | | Map

Arkadelphia to Dallas

Arkadelphia to Dallas

It was a pleasant drive from Arkadelphia to Dallas.  Mostly flat, some pine.  Lots of healthy looking cattle.  We landed at Cedar Hill SP(site 288 in the Coyote Ceossing Loop).  We had thought about heading to Austin area, but the campground we wanted was full AND we are having problems with our Espar diesel heater.  David will see if he can fix it over the weekend; if not, we have an appointment with ThermoKing of Dallas for Monday morning where they probably can fix it, if they have the parts.

Once we settled in our site, we took a 2-mile loop walk  toward the lake – Joe Pool Lake.  Some up and down on hard packed, dry mud.  Only a few weeds, like thistle,, are showing any signs of their spring awakening. One interesting sight was a motorized hang glider flying over the valley. Sadly, more for him than us, it made a lot of noise. To me the beauty of a hang glider would be the silence, except for the rush of the wind. Having said that, I have never tried a hang glider and never will –  my vertigo from heights would be too much.

This site has good ATT internet and there are television towers on the hill opposite.  Good over-the-air reception.  Better in fact than with our ATT hotspot which isn’t working as well as usual.  Are we being throttled?