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New River Beach PP

Thu 12-Sep-2019 New Brunswick, Travel |

Another day another shoreline. The beach at New River Beach Provincial Park is supposed to be one of the favorites on the Bay of Fundy, and we can see... more

Rainy Fundy Day

Wed 11-Sep-2019 New Brunswick, Travel |

As forecast it was a rainy day, very rainy, with fog moving in in the afternoon. Basically we edited pictures (David) and read (Janet). We will not be heading back to... more

Kouchibouguac Walks

Tue 13-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel |

Crazy weather here.  Yesterday was a bright sunny day, then while we were out for a walk, big gray clouds began to roll in.  While we were sitting... more

Osprey Trail

Sun 11-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel |

Cote-a-Fabien campground, the location of the trailhead for the Osprey Trail, is less than a 1/2 mile from our campsite, but is on the other side of the Kouchibouguac... more

Rainy Kouchibouguac Day

Fri 9-Aug-2019 New Brunswick, Travel |

It rained over night continuing into the early afternoon. Not a heavy rain unfortunately as it is very dry here. In any place where there is grass it is brown straw.... more